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From testing the HTML5 console, I still see connections from the browser direct to hosts on so it does not change that behavior or proxy on behalf of the client like vCD. Having VMware tools installed does not seem to make a difference.

What VMware needs to do to convert the vSphere Web Client haters

Defaulting to the VMRC console. Defaulting to the HTML5 console.

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Windows OS: When generating links with your script: IE and Firefox connect to the link, but always produce this error: The console has been disconnected. Close this window and re-launch the console to continue. The Virgo log of errors are pasted below.

Download VMware Remote Console 10.0.6

Windows OS: When generating links with your script: Chrome connects to the link and provides a working console. AuthdAdapterServlet retrieveMksTicket.

UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Unexpected status code: If you have the VMware Client Integration plugin installed, vCenter will automatically give you consoles. I tried various machines without any trace of vCenter or vSphere, still it did not work.

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Registering vCenter server with vSphere Web Client (server)

Learn how your comment data is processed. Share this Here are some details: 1. Virgo errors when try to connect with IE and FireFox: Chrome and Chrome Canary coexist peacefully, and can be installed or uninstalled independently of one another.

And it won't take over as default browser, so it'll stay out of the way. Finally, Canary based vSphere Web Client sessions resume just fine, if you suspend the workstation where Canary is running. Yes, even those Remote Console connections.

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