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I tried air display I'm still waiting for other answers. Bruno Bruno 1 3 7.

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  • How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor!

I did more research on this and found out that you could try a DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter though opinions diverge on whether it will work with a Thunderbolt display. See my answer below for details. As far as i have come: Can you share where you got that information? What's the difference between years that breaks it? Have you successfully used a iMac with your Lenovo?

How to Use an Apple Monitor With a PC

Looks like it says about as much here. Thunderbolt-only solution NOTE: Connect the Thunderbolt cable to the Thunderbolt ports on each computer.

Thunderbolt-only solution

Make sure the iMac and the primary computer are turned on and awake. The reverse direction is not supported by those converters, There is some hope, though, as the post goes on to say: However, opinions diverge on whether it will work with a Thunderbolt display at all: I am sure that Kanex don't do anything that will help you no matter how expensive it may be.

How to use Apple iMac as External HD PC Monitor -Target Display/Disk Modes

Software-based solution If the solutions described above aren't feasible or cost-effective, you can use several software solutions. One is Air Display: Windows 7 Starter edition is not supported. Currently, I cannot verify So this solution does not fit my need However, thank you for your answer. The Windows 7 Home edition both bit and bit is supported by Air Display, the restriction only applies to the Starter edition. See en. My dyslexia strikes back again Feel free to reorder things so AirDisplay is up top or reject my edit entirely if you're not comfortable collaborating on one answer covering both hardware and software.

As you can see, I modified your edit to highlight the steps relevant to the OP's hardware while mentioning the other information as a side note. Jay Imerman Jay Imerman 4. If you're using two displays as one extended screen, you can also use this menu to set which monitor will be on the left and which on the right.

Under the Arrangement tab, you can change the relative positions of your displays—which one is on the left screen and which is on the right. Using the Mirror Displays checkbox, you can also switch between mirrored mode the two screens act as duplicates and extended mode the two screens act as one display. In addition, you can set the screen resolution from this same menu.

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If you're on a Chrome OS computer, click the information panel in the lower right-hand corner where the clock appears. Then select the cog icon, go to the Settings panel, and choose Displays. From this menu, you can configure whether the second display acts as an extension or a duplicate of the first one, set the resolution and the orientation of your displays, and position them in virtual space.

Finally, you can sit back and enjoy using your second screen. If you're operating in extended mode, you can drag program windows between displays and maximize them on either screen. And whenever you disconnect or switch off the second monitor, your operating system will automatically revert back to its default configuration. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Skip to main content. Premium Profile.

Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss. Double your display and spread out your apps. Nate Grant via Unsplash. Latest News. Want more news like this? Avatron Software recently came out with Air Display 3, which also uses the iPad's cable rather than Wi-Fi to set the iPad up as a second monitor.

Unfortunately, Air Display 3 only works with Macs. If you are using Windows, you will need to install Air Display 2.

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Avatron has an Air Display 3 Upgrade Bundle available in the app store. Unfortunately, their website doesn't link to it. Have a Mac? Download Air Display 3 instead.

macOS: How to Turn Your iMac into a Secondary Display - The Mac Observer

But they are by far and away the best solution. Share Pin Email.

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