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The connection process in Windows 10 is guided with images showing the user what to do at any given point. My Smarthub has no power, but why is it still showing in the connection window? It can take up to one minute before the Smarthub disappears from the connection window. Can I print my documentation document? You can export your documentation as a PDF file or a picture file that you can print. Using a touch screen and mouse simultaneously can cause the software to freeze.

To solve this problem restart the software and use only touch or mouse. Can teachers and students name their project s and Smarthub s? Projects are saved automatically under the project icon in the lobby and can be renamed by the students and teachers. You can rename your projects the same way as you do with the Smarthub. You long-press on the name you want to change and then you will be able to enter a name of your choice.

If you cannot long-press, you left-click and hold on the Project name until the edit field appears.

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Then you can erase the old name and write a new one. Where are captured videos stored? Where are captured images stored? Where are exported images stored? Where are exported PDFs stored?

It is recommended to select iBooks as default. Since Windows Store Apps on Windows 8. In order to do locate the project folder, it will be required that the user enables visibility of hidden folders. To locate the projects:. For Windows 8. As an example, WeDo 2. Yes, inside the Help panel you will find guidance on the following software elements: - The names of each programming block - Steps for connecting your Smarthub to your programming device. Is it easy to find everything in the software?

Projects made by students are accessible in the software lobby. Educators and students can select the tutorials they require to start and work at their own pace from the project library. Is WeDo 2. Yes, an open source SDK is available, enabling programmers to communicate with the Smarthub via Bluetooth 4.

Read more about WeDo 2. Are there any mobile applications available? Where do I download my software? Please see software requirements here. How will I receive updates to my software? Can I record my own sound? Yes, the microphone enables users to record custom sounds to play in their programs. The Sound Recording tool is accessible inside a project at all times. Teachers can also program their model to react when a loud sound is made; for instance, counting every time you clap your hands.

There are also 20 preloaded sounds in the software. Why is there no backwards compatibility from WeDo to WeDo 2. Both the new SW and HW technology platform is very new and different. The new WeDo 2. With our previous hardware, working with a wired USB connection there is not a natural link between the old and new platform.

In order to deliver the best possible solution going forward our focus have not been to look backwards but to deliver the best possible solution going forward to be able to support the teachers delivering impactful, differentiated, and digitally enhanced Science teaching. Will WeDo sensors work with the WeDo 2. There is no backwards compatibility other than the LEGO-based building system. This means the current WeDo sensors will not work with the new WeDo 2. The new sensors overall have increased precision. The new Tilt Sensor has an additional shake mode and the new Motion Sensor has increased functionality that enables it to detect objects moving closer and detect objects that are moving away.

The new, medium-power motor has a 2 x 2 building area on the top and a snap interface on the front to allow for easy and optimized integration with the WeDo 2. You can reuse all the bricks from the LEGO Education WeDo Set, but the previous hardware does not connect with Bluetooth low energy and therefore do not work with the new software. No, it is not backwards compatible due to the new hardware capabilities. How are the curriculum materials structured? The projects are divided into the following types: - One Getting Started project divided into 4 parts to learn the basic functions of WeDo 2.

All projects are divided into three phases: - The Explore phase to connect students to the real-world problems they will be asked to solve - The Create phase to enable students to build, program, and modify their designs - The Share phase to document and present their project to their peers Each project should last around three hours. Every phase has equal importance in the project flow, and we recommend 45 minutes be spent on each phase.

What is the difference between Guided and Open Projects?

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The Guided Projects will help teachers set the scene and facilitate the learning experience. The Open Projects also follow the Explore, Create, and Share sequence but intentionally do not offer the same step-by-step guidance as the Guided Projects. They provide an initial brief and starting point to build upon.

Tricky Truck Free Download

The key to using the Open Projects is to make them your own and offer opportunities for projects that are locally relevant and challenging in the areas you want them to be. Within the software, there is a teacher support section included in the Open Projects chapter. What is an example of a real life project with WeDo 2.

One example is in the Drop and Rescue project, students are challenged to design a device to reduce the impacts on humans, animals, and the environment after an area has been damaged by a weather-related hazard. Students can prototype solutions to a challenge where there is no single right answer helping teach creativity and problem-solving skills. Another example is the structure test, which focuses on physical science topics such as structures and how they are linked to real life situations such as earthquakes. Students will build an earthquake simulator to investigate how houses can be built to better resist earthquake.

They will even be challenged to build the tallest building that can resist a grade 8 LEGO earthquake. How much time does a project take? All projects are divided into three phases: the Explore phase, to connect students to the task; the Create phase, to allow students to build and program; and the Share phase, to document and present their project. Each project should last around three hours. Every phase has equal importance in the project flow and we recommend 45 minutes be spent on each phase. For example, the teacher can adjust how much time students are allowed to spend on the explore phase such as going to the library for research, how many tasks the teacher wants the students to do in the create phase, and then how the sharing phase is executed, either peer-to-peer or a bigger presentation.

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How does the curriculum meet educational standards? Ask questions and solve problems. Use models. Design prototypes. Analyze and interpret data. Use computational thinking. Engage in argument from evidence.