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The all-round problem fixer for Mac. Why does this happen? The good news is, it's not just possible to speed up El Capitan — it's pretty simple. The easiest way to get a faster Mac with El Capitan is to get a Mac cleaner. You can download CleanMyMac X for free and simply let the app do everything for you.

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Speeding up El Capitan with it will only take a few minutes. But if you want to do it manually, read on. It starts at the very beginning. When you turn your Mac on, it typically launches a dozen apps at once. And you probably don't need most of them at that moment. This could be one of the reasons El Capitan running slow. Check the unnecessary apps and click. Don't worry, if you accidentally remove something useful, just add it back by clicking and choosing it from the Applications folder. Major hard drive cleaning. One of the reasons a Mac gets slow is a full hard drive.

If you see the top bar getting full, like in the screenshot below, it's time to clean up some space. This process takes a while because your Mac can't arrange files by both size and date at once. However, there are apps that can, such as CleanMyMac X. It has a special module that looks exactly for large and old files and sorts them for you.

You can delete the files you don't need directly from the app in just a few clicks. It's also much easier and faster with an app, you can take a look at how to clean caches on Mac OS X. When you flush the DNS cache, what you're doing is removing old cache entries that translate internet domain names example. You're going to need the Terminal for this. It makes the computing experience more personal. If not, do it all day long with no worries. Safari with a bunch of YouTube tabs open is the biggest reason for the average person to purge. Be a power user and go for it.

I never ran this command before. But the only time my Macbook Pro slows down is when I am running Handbrake on the High Profile preset and slower x setting, while playing the dvd movie, along with my usual 20 tabs opened on Safari including a few youtube videos, while compiling an adobe air-flex app, with Xcode running to edit my code, along with 5 terminal windows open, then VUDUToGo downloading movies in the background, and the Mechanical Clock 3D ticking away….

I am a Linux Sys Admin and terminal is my best friend. I just ran purge on Mavericks, and the only thing it did was reduce the file cache.

The former frees up unused RAM, the latter operates on the cache. I knew that Mac OS is the most advanced operating systems ever, everywhere in this world!!! I am so disappointed I must use Terminal, to get something the system should take care!! Immediately back to normal speed for at least another dozen or so photos. Had the activity monitor display memory usage as the dock icon and it was so useful….

How to get a Better Idea of Memory Usage: Purge the OS X File System Buffer Cache

Except in Mavericks, the option of using memory usage as the dock icon has disappeared. Now I have to open activity monitor and read the data instead of just glancing at the pie chart in the dock icon. Does anyone know how to bring that back? Thanks in advance. Minor gripe: you can set sudo to allow use with our password entry; either for specific commands, or for all use.

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In the real world, some websites suck up memory like a kirby and some desktop apps as well. I find that playing video or streaming via Safari, some carbon copy cloner functions and a few other things victimize Mac OSX enough to warrant a purge. The difference is noticeable almost immediately after something has sucked up 8g or more of memory. Agreed- I just used the sudo purge command and went from 5.

My Activity Monitor provided no clue as to what program was using the memory, only that 5. It fixed all problems I with unnecessary swapping. But theory is always different than practice, and OS X has always had weird inactive memory handling. Would rather drag system to a halt than free up useless caches in my experience. As you can see from the screenshot, the system has cleared all but MB worth of file caches when needed.

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    How to Speed Up Your Mac Using the Purge Command

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    sudo purge OS X Mavericks

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