Shortcuts for photoshop cs3 for mac

If you plan to pan throughout a file to retouch it at high magnification, start by pressing the "Home" key so you begin your work at a predictable location in the file.

From that point, you can navigate through your document incrementally, either horizontally or vertically, and be certain that you've viewed the entire file. Turn on Photoshop's rulers so you can see how far you've panned while you're working.

5 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts everyone should learn - PhotoshopCAFE

Warning Because the keyboard shortcuts for nudging the imagery or text on Photoshop document layers closely resemble the shortcuts for panning and navigation, memorize and practice the difference to avoid accidentally moving layer content. About the Author Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Accessed 17 August Mott, Elizabeth.

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How to Pan in Photoshop. Did I leave your favorite s out of the list? To keep things simple, I'll use Mac shortcut keys.

Application Menus

It's frustrating to me that I can't just keep pressing Command-Z to undo multiple times as I can in InDesign, but there ya go. Photoshop's Command-Z only undoes the most recent action. In the more recent versions of Photoshop, you can add the Shift key to select multiple layers — Shift-Option-[ or ]. Let me jam in a couple more layer shortcuts that I use all the time: To add a layer, press Command-Shift-N.

Photoshop Secret Shortcuts

I count 45 entries in the "Keys for Using the Layers palette" keyboard shortcuts page in the Photoshop CS3 Help file my faves above are the tip of the iceberg. Oh how I hate the brush diameter slider.

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  7. Add the Shift key while pressing [ and ] to just change the brush's Hardness without changing its size. Free Transform ——- Command-T. Want to transform a copy of the selection or layer, leaving the original intact?

    Customize keyboard shortcuts

    While you're editing text, you can't use a keyboard shortcut that doesn't include a modifier because the shortcut letters just get added to the text you're writing. Use the Enter key to get out of the mode, then you can use any keyboard shortcut you want.


    The Deselect shortcut is so second nature to me I almost forgot to include it. But did you know you can press Command-Shift-D to reselect? Some of them are the little known, hidden keystrokes! There is a PDF, printable versions, or just scroll down to find the shortcut you need.

    Feel free to LINK to this page! If you leave your mouse cursor over the tool Adobe Photoshop CS3 will indicate the name of the tool and the keyboard shortcut to use the tool. You can use associated keyboard shortcut to quickly select a tool without having to always use the Tools palette to select the tool you wish to use.