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This is not a product by Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, although its intended use is access of Second Life service. Be aware that Linden Lab will not respond to support requests involving third-party clients such as this. As no dedicated support team is in place, no user support can be guaranteed.

Users are expected to offer mutual help with issues, and seek help from other users first. Warning: RLVa is enabled by default, which permits your attachments to take more extensive control of the avatar than default behavior of other viewers. Foreign, rezzed in-world, non-worn objects can only take control of your avatar if actively permitted by corresponding scripted attachments you wear.

Please refer to documentation of your RLV-enabled attachments for details, if you have any. Known limitation is the lack of support for the Quicktime plugin which means that certain types of parcel media will not play.

Streaming music and shared media MoaP are not affected and are fully functional. For voice to work, minimal support for running bit binaries is necessary. Possible package names: lib32asound2-plugins squeeze , alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.

Make sure you have bit versions of gstreamer-plugins-base, gstreamer-plugins-ugly and libuuid1 installed. Alpha, or work in progress, builds are offered here , stability varies, but feedback is strongly encouraged.

Original Knowledge Base Article. Follow the recommendations here to improve overall performance of Second Life and address many common problems. The basics. Automatically playing music and media can be very demanding on some PC equipment.

Second Life and Virtual Worlds

Use manual play instead:. For more information, see Setting your preferences. To prevent false cache virus alerts and improve texture cache performance, turn off virus scanning for the following directories and add them to the list of ignored trusted directories for Norton AntiVirus:. See also Technical overview of Second Life security. If you followed the advice above and are still experiencing performance problems, try the following. The statistics bar presents a detailed list of information about the performance of your computer and Second Life.

While the sheer amount of information can be confusing, knowing what to look for can tell you a lot about what's going on in Second Life.

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Enter your search term here Original Knowledge Base Article Tip: Maintain your computer by: Routinely removing unwanted files and programs from the system. Defragmenting your disk drive regularly. Using anti-Malware software to remove spyware, virues, and other malware. The basics Make sure your computer meets the Minimum system requirements.

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It's best to exceed them to prevent bottlenecks, since they are the bare minimum required to run Second Life. A slower processor, older video card, or low memory can contribute to slow frame rates. Make sure you have working drivers for your video card. Search the Second Life Community for posts on your video card.

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The latest driver is not always the best. Make sure your firewalls are properly configured. See Using Second Life with a firewall for more information. Check to see if your hard drive light is showing a lot of activity. If it is, your system may be running low on memory and using hard drive swap space instead, which is significantly slower.

Based on statistics collected by Linden Lab: If you are using Windows 8, make sure you have upgraded to Windows 8. Our statistics show that Second Life crashes half as often on Windows 8.

Second Life -- Comparing rendering speed of 3 different viewers on a Mac

If you are using Mac OSX, upgrade to Our statistics show that Use a bit version of Windows if you can.