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Caches, logs, apps, widgets, hidden trash, large and old files. Of course, you can clean up your Mac manually. But finding and removing all these things takes time. And you have to know where to look.

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The good news is that there is an easy solution to the problem. Typically, Macs take care of themselves. Having the latest software from Apple makes speeding up your Mac simple. To check your version of the operating system, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and then About This Mac. Keep in mind that upgrading some hardware is not possible for certain Macs. Upgrading to the latest OS and upgrading your hardware will typically solve a bunch of slowness issues. If you want to go even further than updating the macOS — simply create a new user profile on your Mac.

Some settings in your current user profile may have been compromised or got cluttered with outdated system logs.

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You can scrap all these and start your profile afresh. Next up, you will have to import your crucial user data to your new account. Luckily, macOS has a special Shared Folder just for this purpose. Drop your documents to this folder and then login to your new account.

Well done! If you made it to this tip, you probably have enough skill to start using Mac's Terminal app. It's like using a magic wand — there are dozens of helpful combinations that you can use to command your Mac. You can apply this trick when you system is running out of available memory. In other words, when a particular app freezes up and desperately needs some fresh memory.

You can breathe new life into your Mac by replacing its traditional hard drive with a solid-state drive.

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Adding an SSD will make your computer boot faster, copy files in the blink of an eye and make the system really fast when multitasking. It is recommended to clean install the macOS on the new drive. How to speed up my Mac? How to get it run faster? The more RAM your Mac has at its disposal, the more windows or tabs you can have open without slowing the system down. The tell-tale sign for this is your Mac overheating too often.

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Download CleanMyMac X and let it do the job for you. It has a dedicated feature, called Speed that battles the slow macOS.

It does some of the following:. Some users reported that the Speed feature is pretty impressive, especially on older Mac models. How To. Blog How To News.

Neujahrsputz für den Mac: Mit CleanMyMac 3 und Gemini 2 bereinigen & Platz schaffen + Gewinnspiel

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Alle Bereiche von Dienstprogramme sind als vereinfachte manuelle Reinigung zu sehen und werden demnach nicht in die der zuvor genannten Gesamtbereinigung eingeschlossen. Auch der CPU und Arbeitsspeicher werden hier angezeigt, Letzterer kann dabei ebenfalls mit dem Freigeben-Button geleert werden, sehr praktisch. Die App Gemini 2 ist aber deutlich schlauer, so werden beim Scan auch Versionen untersucht. Damit das Ganze noch besser wird, lernt Gemini 2 mit der Zeit dazu.

Dateiformate zu ignorieren sowie eine intelligente Auswahl, um Regeln zu setzen, die die Auswahl nach einem Scan vereinfachen. Das MacPaw-Gewinnspiel endet am Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.

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