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Another way to open up the tool option panel is to double-click on the tool icon.

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Duplicate a Series of Objects Select the object, hold down Option key and drag. You now have a copy of the object. Draw Shape with Options Select any shape tool, e. Star Tool , click anywhere on the Artboard, it will let you draw a shape with options. Gradient Stop Color To quickly change a gradient stop color to any color swatch in the library: Switch Color Profile Hold down Shift key and click on the color bar will let you toggle through the color profiles: Select All Objects on Layer To select all objects on a particular layer, hold down Option key and click on the layer name.

Saturate or Desaturate Color Holding down Cmd key and dragging the color slider will saturate or desaturate a mixed color. To close a Pencil path manually, hold down Option key when you are about to finish drawing the path. Inner Radius With the Star Tool, drag on the Artboard do not release the mouse yet , holding down the Cmd key while dragging will let you control the inner radius.

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This shortcut also works for the Spiral Tool. This is a very useful shortcut to create fun and complex artwork. However, for those who use it very often, it is necessary that you also download the shortcuts to make your job easier.

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It comes with many instructions and people using it must be aware and know all its functions. However, getting the shortcut keys is even cooler and simpler. In case you need to track all the different functions of the software, it can become hard. Download the Windows Illustrator Shortcut Keys here and make your job simpler.

Having a shortcut option makes life so much easier and simple. Download the Adobe Illustrator CS2 shortcut keys here and enjoy!

We have laid down a series of 21 top illustrator shortcuts that will be handy and time saving while you are working on the Illustrator. Our tools cover various important functions such zooming, selection, change in typing and many more. Amazing Adobe Illutrator Shortcut.

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