How to copy firefox bookmarks to another mac

If you were not having any problems with the old profile, you can clone the existing profile by copying everything from the existing profile folder, deleting the entire contents of the new profile folder and then and pasting the existing profile contents into the new profile folder. Be aware that the 'Downloads' location is locally pathed and may need to be changed if the new profile is on a different Operating System.

You will now be working within the Firefox profile folder window, which contains the files and folders that you are going to copy to your new profile. To make the transfer process easier, you should create a new "Transfer Profile" folder inside your old Firefox profile folder:. Note: Any existing folders specifically relating to individual extensions that you may wish to re-install later may also be copied over at your own risk.

Once you have completed the above, you are ready to copy the contents of the "Transfer Folder" into your new Firefox profile:.

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The following files and folders are found in your Firefox profile folder. You can alternately import a bookmarks HTML file if you wish to add those bookmarks to your current Firefox bookmarks. In Firefox 3, you can also use the Firefox Library "Restore" feature to replace your current bookmarks with a bookmark backup file such as a dated JSON backup from the bookmarkbackups folder of another Firefox 3 profile but this will not transfer your browsing history. If you let go of the Option key, you can't access the Library.

Click "Application Support" while in list view, or double-click "Application Support" in icon view. Open the "Firefox" and "Profiles" folders. Then, open the folder with the word "Default" in the filename. Select the most recent file with the word "Bookmarks" in the name. The date displays as part of the filename and in the Date Modified column.

How to Migrate a Firefox Profile the Right Way

Video of the Day. How to Alphabetize Bookmarks in Google Chrome. The only way to check Firefox is doing something is to fire up Task Manager. If you want to check restore has occurred, when importing from. If, after import, it has disappeared, it means that the old set has been replaced by the new set, and that presumably important word the restore has been successful. See what I mean when I say that Firefox is a very bad browser, despite being maybe the best one?

This sort of stupidity does not exist in Microsoft Office, for instance.

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Open source has its strong points, but it can also be an excuse for very sloppy design. Sounds simple enough, pretty basic, right? And when you consider the bloat, and the far-too-frequent bad Office patches coming out of Redmond these days….

Incidentally, there are plenty of reasons to be cross at Microsoft because of its software. Beyond a certain number of bookmarks, the lack of automatic alphabetical sorting cannot be mitigated by manual sorting. If you have, say, 50 bookmarks in a folder, you might like to bring the four or five you use most on top of the list, and draw a separator underneath ; but if you cannot have the rest already alphabetically sorted for you, this is next to useless.

How to Export Firefox Bookmarks

By the way, my preferred solution for this would be to highlight preferred bookmarks in red. This was provided in Maxthon ten years ago maybe more. Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has been criticized for not providing manual sorting. However, if it did not provide alphabetical sorting by default across all folders, everybody would be crying bloody murder. A bookmark manager is just a file explorer, for bookmarks. Such ingrained metaphors as are available in Windows Explorer should be the bare minimum in a browser bookmark manager, and then other specific, innovative features could should… be added to that.

MS Office is an expensive program why bring that into this post? I have 15 You can only sort one folder at a time.

I have hundreds of them, nested into each other. Extensions should be for extra features, not needed by everybody, pushing the envelope and doing even better. Not for supplying basic features.

Two Ways to Transfer Firefox Bookmarks from One Computer to Another

Open source fanboys tell us that open source is better regardless of price. I want good software. Price is a separate consideration. A lot of money is changing hands in the process of developing Firefox. And finally, those defects are so huge and glaring that any mainstream software did not have them twenty or thirty years ago.

I still use Bookmarks, and yes I have a shit-load of them. But …. That seems the easiest way to use them for me, instead of scrambling through menus. A very timely post!

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It is very disappointing that Mozilla has not added important capability to the Bookmark Manager, as Clairvaux points out. Does anyone know of a programmatic way or a WebExtensions compatible add-on that will do this? TIA, Mike. Firefox natively and automatically backs up your bookmarks everyday. It keeps the last 15 backups in a folder named bookmarkbackups in your profile. Those files are in the.

For added peace of mind, you could go to about:config and toggle the browser. This will save an extra backup of your bookmarks each time you close Firefox.