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However, it comes with a manual that can help in answering questions. In summary, Kdenlive is a good app for those friends of open source software, who want to edit small videos. Interested in recovering your deleted or lost video? Download Disk Drill. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator with a deep expertise in progra Movavi Video Editor For Mac Movavi is a video editor application for the Mac that has a free version as well as a more full-featured Pro alternative.

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Free Features The free version of Movavi is in itself an extremely useful tool for video editing. You can export your finished video to any of the popular video formats as well as uploading directly online. Filters such as Pop-art and Old Movie let you easily add character to your home videos for a distinctive finished product. One of the best features of Movavi is their new Montage Wizard. Incorporating elements of artificial intelligence, the program can take your footage and edit it to create a complete movie including the music of your choice. Audio is an important facet of any quality video and Movavi offers the user a full suite of audio tools.

You can manipulate audio frequency, remove background noise, and easily add sound effects to your video. A beat detection feature lets you easily sync your video with its musical soundtrack. The program enables you to add voice-overs or input from musical instruments for more creative flexibility.

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Stickers and music tracks are provided and can easily be used with your video projects. Capture video directly from your webcam and start editing it immediately. Download Now Pro Features In addition to all of the features in the free version, the professional tool adds sample videos and more music tracks. Free Features With Filmora, you can edit and export videos at a resolution up to 4K and the tool makes it simple to import photos and clips from social media platforms. You can reverse your clips and play them backwards, and frame by frame previewing is available for more precise editing.

Speed control that allows you to speed up or slow down your video up to times, makes the tool an excellent choice for time-lapse videos. Other features that give you more creative flexibility include camera shake effects, color tuning, and the ability to easily remove background noise.

Blender Blender is an open source and free video editing software for Mac with an outstanding differentiator over other similar apps: great functionality. Features Its vast array of features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animation, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing and composing, and an integrated game engine. Avidemux Avidemux is an open source and free video editing software for Mac, whose main characteristic is user-friendliness.

Make it look spectacular with After Effects. Add and organise videos. Import a wide range of media files to the video editor. Moving-image files, still-image files, still-image sequences and audio files combine seamlessly in your project.

Create, arrange and compose layers. Bring multiple assets together to create a finished scene. A clear interface allows you to remove backgrounds, isolate objects and combine layers to build stylish compositions. Add animations and effects. Create animated titles and add 3D text, intros and credit rolls. A comprehensive collection of effects helps you to set anything in motion using keyframes, including logos, shapes and cartoons.

Add sound for really amazing results. Render and export your videos. Create the best video file for your audience. Use the Render Queue to produce a high-resolution video file or a compressed film to play on the web or for DVD and Blu-ray. Master title design. Create dynamic and animated text to give your project the professional touch. Repair and enhance video. Fix and stabilise shaky video footage, correct exposure and edit video colour to get a cinematic look. Edit like a VFX pro. Build 3D worlds, apply immersive effects, fix faulty greenscreen footage and add expert special effects.

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Easily create videos online. Beautiful slideshows, moving stories, presentations, ads and invites are simple to produce with Adobe Spark Video, a free online video editor and storyteller. Adobe Spark Video Create graphics, web pages and video stories in minutes. Tell your story in minutes.

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Get everything you need to produce quick and compelling videos. Learn more about Spark Video. Pick a template or start from scratch. Promote your business online, launch an idea, support a cause, share your travels or follow your imagination. Add graphics and visual themes. Combine images, video clips, icons or text. Search for free photos or icons right in the app or use your own images and video clips. Add some audio.

Record narration or use music clips.

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You can add your own music and voiceovers or search for the best free music to add the right touch. Share everywhere. Share your Spark Video directly from the app to the platform of your choice, email the link or download it as an mp4. Professional themes. The "Quick" option simply grabs your selected media on import and strings it together in a basic timeline. From here you can easily trim the clips, reorder the shots, add titles, music and record narration.

You can add further shots as you go along and adjust the video and audio of the different clips in the timeline to add volume changes or colour correction. It's all relatively straightforward, with a list of options on the right of the interface in sections such as "Fix" - where you'll find options such as Shake Reduction and Smart Fix that'll quickly correct any major problems it detects - "Edit", which allows for more manual control over your shots, and "Add" that allows you to populate your movies with various titles, music beds and jolly graphics. Much of this content has to be painstakingly downloaded and won't necessarily be suitable for all uses.

However, the music scores are worth checking out as they can be adjusted in intensity and length to fit the tone and pace of your movie. The "Guided" option for editing is just that - on screen prompts take you through guided tutorials on using the software, pointing out where you'll find transitions and how you can adjust your clips. This could be useful for someone new to video editing, or someone who's returning to the software having not used it for a while.

Turn your videos into movie magic.

Adobe has increased the purview of this mode by adding a few extra features, which include being able to freeze a frame and then have animated titles appear over it. This is great for intros or just adding a layer of professionalism to your movies.

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There's also now a way to reduce shaking in action-cam footage, quick ways to create titled clips for social media, and the bounce-back feature which essentially rewinds the action so you can create funny moments of people jumping out of water or skiing up hills. The final option is "Expert", which allows you to fully explore what the software has to offer. Here you're faced with a timeline that allows you to add additional layers - we managed to add an extra tracks!

This view also gives you a better view of how you are manipulating your audio and you can edit the audio and video portions of the same clip independently to create split edits. The whole experience, however, just feels much more clunky when compared to that in iMovie, especially when you are prompted to render your effects for smoother playback. Nevertheless, many of the controls are more flexible than those in iMovie. With Premiere Elements you can create picture in picture effects with precise control over size, position and rotation, and add your own keyframes for custom animations. Expert mode also give you better control over your source media, allowing you to import it into a Project Assets pane before editing it - you can move it into a separate folder if you want, or even double-click a clip to open it in a separate player to add in and out points - but these windows open over much of the interface and become annoyances quite quickly.

There are also a variety of wizards available to help you create your movies, from instant movies for birthdays and weddings, to video collages, all of which contain their own theme elements. When it comes to sharing your videos, there are the usual export options for uploading to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook, or outputting to DVD or Blu-ray discs something which cannot be done in iMovie. There are also options for exporting at resolutions up to 4K UHD or creating your own custom export options if none of the default settings fits your purposes.

Overall, Premiere Elements offers a step-up in controls from iMovie. However, this does come at a cost in terms of the price tag and complexity. If you're someone who finds iMovie a little too restrictive you may welcome the additional flexibility offered by Premiere Elements. There are a number of video editors out there that occupy the middle ground between iMovie and Premiere Elements. Filmora by Wondershare is a prime example that's aimed at the iMovie user who needs a bit more flexibility. The application is simple enough to get to grips with.

Video, audio and photos can imported into notional "folders" from your hard drive, supported cameras, Photos and iTunes library, and even your Facebook, Flickr or Instagram accounts. Once imported they can be added by simply dragging and dropping to the timeline or clicking the plus symbol on each clip, then can be easily rearranged in a manner similar to iMovie. You'll also need to do all your trimming here. Simple controls allow you split the clips and chop out the bits you don't want. The timeline itself doesn't work in the manner of other timelines we've looked at.

Storyboard View allows you to simply arrange your clips in the order you want, whilst still giving you control over effects, whilst a somewhat familiar Timeline View allows you more control over trimming and titles.

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Dedicated tracks are available for your video clips, with separate tracks available for titles and music. Additional clips can be layered to created cutaways or composited picture-in-picture effects, though they have to be placed below the main video track, making for a slightly bizarre way of arranging your timeline. Moving back and forth along the timeline is also rather frustrating. You have to actually grab hold of the red playhead or time indicator to drag through the timeline - miss it and you'll end up zooming your timeline instead. Despite its reverse method of working, Filmora does have some nice controls that can be adjusted in real time.