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I roasted the veggies, cooked the quinoa and put them into a big bowl with the beans.

Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese Recipe - EatingWell

I mixed everything up and called it dinner. I love this bowl because it is really simple with just a few ingredients and what makes it really delicious is the easy squeeze of lemon and drizzle of tahini on top. I decided to change it up for the blog and use some white beans instead of black eyed peas, but you are welcome to use any kinds of beans you like.

I prefer a milder tasting white bean for this recipe. It is more of a, make each component and then mix them together in a small bowl and then squeeze some lemon juice over, drizzle some tahini, and add some salt. Feel free to let me know if you would like more accurate directions. I just pinned a very similar recipe from smitten kitchen— theirs had a miso dressing on top, but I love the simplicity of yours and the addition of beans! Looks deeeelicious.

I hope you love it, Savanah! I remember once, you and Faune gave me what I thought was a chip with salsa and lettuce on it. I took a bite and hidden under the lettuce was a dollop of miso. The sweet potato-broccoli bowl looked so fantastic, I figured the miso dressing was worth a shot. I just bought my first tub of miso yesterday, a few hours before reading this. I first just tried a quick cup of broth and I loved it!

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Anyway, sorry for rambling about something unrelated to your recipe haha , but it totally made me giggle when you said you love miso too. Acquired tastes and all. I totally remember playing food dare and I remember the miso and umaboshi plum paste that was so salty too!

I think we hid both of them under everything! I think I have always hated miso because of that game too! It seems to add the perfect salty flavor to everything. This bowls look delicious, Izzy! I love the name of them. Such a great idea to combine sweet potatoes and broccoli. Sounds so filling and delicious!

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese with Spinach

Glad you decided to share this with us! Thanks, Gayle! I just bought a big bag of a quinoa and have been trying to find new ways to use it. I love this! This would be the perfect way to use up your quiona, Danielle! Just pinned this recipe to try, it looks delicious and super filling — just what you need to cheer yourself up in winter! Thank you, Becky!

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I just made it again for dinner tonight! Quinoa bowls like this one are comfort food to me too.

Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta Bake

So true Katie, this is a great meal to use leftovers for! I love a big slice of cheesy pizza any day, but a big bowlful of roast veggies? My kinda comfort food. It is pretty impossible to say no to pizza!

Easy Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

But when it is cold I just want a nice bowl of roasted things to curl up with! I hope you are staying warm, Sarah! This sweet potato winter bowl looks like the perfect meal to me! The broccoli and beans make this such a healthy and satisfying meal! Love it! Me too, Kelly!

Southern-style mac ‘n’ cheese

It really is so hearty! Especially cabbage. Your winter bowl is beautiful and full of nourishing goodness. Oh, and that lemon tahini gives all the components a vibrant zing! Thank you for this, Izzy! On a totally unrelated note, I was just thinking that our husbands would probably be best friends! The talk was pretty good, but the one thing that stands out most in my memory was when she was randomly talking about C-sections and said that babies born with C-sections are more likely to be fat!

Totally unrelated as well, haha!

If only I had this for lunch. Amazing dish. This looks really good!! I find it really hard for me to eat salads right now, maybe because it is so cold? But I do love my veggies! I am going to try this to take to work, something nice and warm, but still healthy! I wish it was colder here! It is supposed to be 70 this week and I feel like summer is just around the corner! I just love bowls like this! I do something similar and I like to have some grains or beans to anchor it and then a whole bunch of vegetables. I kinda just like to throw random things in and hope they all taste good together!

How to Make Maple-Roasted Sweet Potatoes - EatingWell

I love these ingredients, and serving them with a drizzle of tahini is a wonderful idea! Thank you, Marcie!! I love roasted veggies as a healthy nourishing dish!! Love this recipe and make it all the time! I tried this recipe out and it turn out so well! But i did substitute the milk with unsweetened almond milk and it works perfectly!

Overall I love this recipe so much! I shared this recipe with someone and she was wondering about the calorie content, carbs etc. Do you have that? However, following the ingredients alone, it seemed very under seasoned. I feel like I had to add a lot of salt to bring out the flavors of the dish. Before baking, I really loved the sauce. After baking, the sauce turned really think and clumpy…not really what I think of with mac and cheese.

Just my thoughts since I like to read through comments before trying a recipe. Thanks for sharing! Your photography is beautiful. Hi Rachel- Thanks for the feedback! I agree about this seeming a bit under-seasoned. I liked this but felt like it definitely needed a little something extra. I have made this recipe like 50 times. I make a small change, I use just a mixed bag of shredded cheese sometimes mexican blend, sometimes 3 cheese blend.