Dual monitors on mac mini 2013

Plug the power adaptor into your Mac mini and plug the other end into your power outlet. Press the power button on the back of the Mac mini.

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Connect your Mac mini to your TV or desktop. If you want to connect to a TV screen you may need to purchase a mini-displayport-to-VGA adapter which will allow you to connect your Mac mini to a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD that uses a VGA connector or cable. Once turned on, the setup guide should take you through a few simple steps, including setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

This will give you access to the App Store and and will link your iCloud account if you wish to connect to your Mail, Photos, Calendar and so on. From here, you can begin using your PC or TV screen as a computer, using the desktop to search for apps, open web pages and more.

Here are some ideas on how you can use it:. This could be sharing photos with a room, opening mail or accessing your documents.

How to best connect external displays to Macs

The Mac mini is a great way to turn any screen into a digital sign. This allows you to pre-schedule and setup content to show on your digital screen such as social media feeds, presentations, travel updates, news feeds and more. Read the full guide on setting up digital signage with the Mac mini here. With the Mac mini and a screen, or desktop, you can create a home viewing centre that allows you to watch movies, surf the internet and listen to music. You can also use music apps available in the Apple App Store or use Safari to get online.

This allows you to view photos on a monitor, or share them with the room from your TV screen.

Monitor - Connecting to a Mac

Most keyboards and mouses can be used with the Mac mini by connecting them using the USB port. Got a question to add? Email us: hello screen.

Jan Or are people just skimming? I have the same setup, Mac mini with dual Thunderbold displays. I docked with a rMBP for some time too. Let me tell you, it screams! I love it! Sounds like we have very similar setups. Forgot to mention, on my cray machine I frequently use my favorite app: the trash icon. Use this because I sometimes need to delete files that accumulate on my desktop. I usually recommend getting a home imax screen installed along with 2 cray supercomputers for browsing reddit. Drop box a necessity?

Simply drag and drop. Most of us have multiple computers in different geographical locations. Dropbox is seamless, no need to constantly map drives.

Use more than one 4K Ultra HD TV

I bet that thing blows my MacBook Air out of the water. The processor is exactly the same as the one in my MBPr. The performance is about the same. Mostly, I got tired of docking and undocking the MBP, so I decided to re-do it and add the Mini for a more permanent setup on my desk. How do you manage to connect to two Thunderbolt Cinema Display. Mac mini only has one port. And the monitor only work at the end of the chain.

Do you daisy chain them together? You can daisy chain the second TB display to the the TB port on the first display, which plugs into the Mini. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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